Eggs provide structure and volume and can bind ingredients together.

Use large eggs in recipes for baked goods unless another size is specified.

Use clean, fresh eggs with no cracks for baking. Fresh eggs will have yolks that are firm and rounded and whites that are thick and clear.

Eggs should be stored in the refrigerator to preserve their freshness and quality and to prevent the growth of bacteria.

When separating eggs, wash your hands and the shells before you begin.

Egg whites can be frozen in a freezer container for later use. Thaw them before using.

Fat-free and cholesterol-free egg products are available in the supermarket refrigerator and freezer cases. They are made using egg whites and food starch. Egg products can replace whole eggs in many recipes. Use 1/4 cup thawed egg product for each egg called for in the recipe. Do not substitute egg products for eggs in cream puffs or popovers because they won’t puff or pop.