Plan a great party to celebrate your graduate’s many accomplishments.

Getting Started

  • Choose a date near graduation. Don’t hesitate to consider a date after the event.
  • Have the graduate make a list of friends and relatives to invite. This is a very busy time of year, so send invitations out well in advance.
  • A fun idea for invitations might be a “blue book” exam.
  • On a sheet of white paper ask a list of questions - if you went to (name of graduate) party would you want:
    • lots of food
    • a disc jockey
    • a fun swim
  • Fill in party details at the bottom of the sheet of white paper.
  • Fold a sheet of blue paper over the white paper and staple like a blue book.
  • Another idea for an invitation:
    • Photocopy a grade-school picture of the graduate.
    • Write party details on the reverse side.


  • Include the graduate in the planning. What are his/her favorite foods? Some ideas might be:
    • A backyard barbecue of hamburgers and hot dogs
    • A pizza party
    • A make-your-own taco buffet
    • Quick delicious brownies, bars and cookies you can make ahead are ideal for dessert
  • Check out our collection of recipes for more ideas.

Set the Mood

  • Plan good music for a party.
    • Arrange CDs in the order you wish to play them.
    • Find a good radio station.
    • Increase the volume as the evening moves along.
  • Play a movie on the TV with no sound.
  • Decorate with oversized diplomas tied with ribbons.
  • Decorate the serving table with school memorabilia: textbooks, pom-poms, pennants, prom pictures, yearbook.
  • Decorate with enlarged pictures of seniors.
  • Arrange “bouquets” of Mylar balloons in school colors.
  • Use streamers in school colors.
  • Enlarge job ads from newspaper and place on wall.
  • Pin up pennants of colleges where graduates may be attending.
  • Purchase special graduation paper tableware and napkins.

Fun and Games

  • Graduation parties are typically open houses where people drift in and out, so organized activities are usually not needed.
  • You could provide a collection of yearbooks for friends and relatives to look through.
  • Graduation parties typically involve lots of young people...with lots of energy! It wouldn’t hurt (if room provides) to have a volleyball net, a dart game, or a ping-pong table available.