Family Favorites

Family Activity Ideas

Movie night

Let kids pick a movie, and try to create a dessert treat that goes with the theme of the movie.

  • Monster cookies for a scary movie
  • Picnic on the family room floor with caterpillar cupcakes for a nature movie
  • Birthday cake for a movie that has a birthday party

Picnic in winter

Spread a tablecloth on the floor in front of the fireplace. Roast hot dogs and have s’mores.

Game night

If possible, incorporate the food as part of the game board.

  • Checkers—make two different colors of cookies
  • Cookieopoly—tiny cookies can be the houses & hotels
  • Food Charades—each topic that is acted out has to pertain to food

Family meal night

Every member plans a part of the meal and makes it for the family to enjoy.

Family cookout/backyard picnic

Enjoy a whole evening out in the backyard and include games that all members can play.

  • Watermelon seed spitting
  • 3-legged races
  • Croquet
  • Tag
  • Red Rover

Parent/Child time

Set aside time to talk with your child and make it special by serving his/her favorite treat.

Take a walk

Connect with kids and show them the benefits of exercise. Stop during your walk to enjoy a special treat that you have taken along.

Everyday events made special

  • Slumber Parties—serve tacos, or make your own pizzas
  • Skating Parties—serve hot chocolate and brownies
  • Book Review Parties
  • Trade places with parents and exchange tasks
  • Family game night
  • Backwards day—serve breakfast for dinner—i.e., serve pancakes
  • PJ day—serve a special breakfast

Special days

  • First day & last day of school
  • Red (blue) letter days (Acing a test)


  • Assign or have children choose a country and have them study how that culture celebrates the holiday. Have them share their learning and special foods with the family.
  • Have children be in charge of setting and decorating the holiday table. Have them make place cards for each guest and family member.
  • Create a holiday meal that includes each person’s favorite foods.
  • Create a holiday meal that is served year after year and becomes a family tradition...It just wouldn’t be a holiday without Mom’s Stroganoff dinner.